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  • Thank you for your interest in the Eco-Adventure opportunities of southeastern New Mexico! Click the link beow to visit the wiki-site for interactive info and an in-depth look at the opportunities located within an hour’s drive of Carlsbad. Explore our wiki to learn more about the experiences of those who paved the way, or enjoyed the footsteps of others. Our Eco Adventure wiki is an interactive site with pictures, stories, comments, descriptions, and so much more. Let our site be the first step in planning your adventure, then return to share your story and pictures with others.

    Carlsbad, New Mexico is an oasis of adventure located in the heart of southeastern New Mexico. Like no place else, Carlsbad sits at the intersection of the Guadalupe Mountains and the Chihuahuan Desert with 1,627,826 acres of public land to explore! From the hiking trails in the high Guadalupe Mountains, to the underground passageways beneath the desert floor, your eco-adventures are limitless. Enjoy a vast open area of unspoiled terrain where stars outshine city lights and your imagination determines how far you want to go.

    We hope that Carlsbad can be your home-base for eco-adventures. Make Carlsbad a return destination for water sports, hiking, biking, ATV trails, and so much more. You know about our caves, but there is more to explore! Such as:

    • Hiking

    • Biking

    • Caving

    • Camping

    • Water sports

    • ATV trails

    • Wildlife viewing

    • Horseback riding

    • Lodging, dining &
      equipment needs

    • Frisbee golf

    • Sport shooting

    • Golf

    • Hunting

    • Fishing

    • Climbing

    • Swimming

    • Local events

    • Historical sites

    • & much more!

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