• Eddy County, New Mexico

  • Eddy County Mission Statement:

    Eddy County will provide leadership, service, policies and direction for the enhancement of safety, health, economic and infrastructure development based on the principles of ethical management, fiscal responsibility, open-mindedness, vision and integrity while preserving the trust placed in us by the citizens of Eddy County. Click here to visit their website: www.co.eddy.nm.us

    *Eddy County Fee Schedule for information distributed under the Freedom of Information Act


    Eddy County Statistics:

    • Elevation:  3,100 feet
    • Rainfall:  12.92" annually
    • Record High/Low Temperatures:  114°/-16°
    • Average Temperature:  70° F


    2010 Census Numbers:

    • Carlsbad: 26,138
    • Artesia:  11,301
    • Loving:  1,413
    • Hope:  105
    • Total Eddy County Population:  53,829


    Eddy County Acreage:

    • Federal Lands:  1,627,826 acres
    • State Lands:  577,225.36 acres
    • Private Lands:  470,148.64
    • Total Acreage:  2,675,200.00


    Eddy County Data and Statistics:


    US Census State and County Quick Facts

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